1.     Should I make an appointment to shop for wedding gowns?

An appointment is REQUESTED, but not required. Brides whom have scheduled an appointment will have preference over walk-ins. We schedule our one-on-one Bridal Consultants according to scheduled appointments. Notice of your intent to stop by and look for that Perfect Gown is recommended by calling for an appointment at 850 862-3334 OR filling out the Online "Appointment" request above.  

2.     When do brides buy their wedding gowns?

Expert planners agree that once you are engaged you should first book your ceremony and reception sites. This secures your locale and date.  Next you should select and order your gown so that you may choose and order your bridesmaid dresses.  Now you have solidified your color palette and can move forward with other aspects of your day.  Most people with an average engagement shop for and purchase their gown 6 to 18 months before their wedding.  If you are planning a short term engagement, do not despair!  We have many styles available for purchase right off the rack or with expedited delivery.

3.     How is Simply Elegant Bridal different from the other big chain bridal stores?

There are two big differences.  First, although Simply Elegant carries a large selection, we focus on personal one-on-one attention (one consultant to one customer).  Finding the perfect gown should be a fun and enjoyable experience.  Second, we do not make wedding gowns, instead we buy from designers who are well known and our styles are constantly changing.  The owner of Simply Elegant personally chooses these designers based on quality, style and price. We do not manufacture "look-a-likes" that are made from low-quality fabrics with inferior construction.  We always carry up-to-date dresses that balance "Trendy Styles" with "Timeless Elegance".

4.     Who should I bring with me when I come for my wedding gown appointment?

It's great to have one or two people who will give you honest opinions.  Bringing too many people to "Poll the Audience" is a recipe for disaster that may cause you to miss out on your perfect gown.  In the end, the only opinion that really counts is yours.  You will be the center of attention at your wedding, and you want to look and feel amazing. Be true to yourself and don't be concerned about what others envision you wearing.

5.     Can I bring my fiancé or dad with me as I look for my gown?

Although we have large private dressing rooms, brides often want to walk around a bit in their favorite dress into the main salon area.  Because of the nature of our business, brides are not always fully covered at these times as they try on dresses that are in a different size than they would be ordering.  For the comfort of all of our customers, the bridal salon is a ladies-only area. We find that most dads and fiancés understand.

6.     Should I get a sitter for the kids?

A wedding is a fun place for kids - a bridal shop is not. With many fragile items and sharp edges it is not a safe place for children. Children under the age of 13 Years ( even if in stroller or being held ) are not permitted in the Bridal Area.

7.     I'm not looking for a traditional formal gown, but that's all I've found at other stores.  Do I have other options?

Absolutely!  Pay us a visit and browse our selection of informal wedding gowns, perfect for tying the knot on the beach, for second-time brides, or more mature brides looking for sophisticated style.

8.     Should I bring pictures from magazines or the internet of gowns I like?

Yes, we love to see pictures to get an idea of your personal style. We do ask you to remember two things: First, the models used by bridal designers average 6 feet tall and wear a size 4. Most women do not fall into this category for body type, so dresses may not look the same on them.  The second thing to remember is that many designers provide us with gowns that are unadvertised exclusives.  So, the only place you will see them is by browsing our selections in-store.  We encourage you to approach this process by considering the photos as a starting point. Take advantage of your consultant's expertise, our knowledgeable staff is one of the many things that set us apart from the competition.

9.     Can I get a catalog of the wedding gowns you carry?

Sorry, it is impossible for Simply Elegant to publish a bridal catalog. This is because our available styles change daily.  By the time it went to print, it would already be out-of-date!

10.  Are the Wedding Gowns "Off the Rack" or "Special Order"?

Yes and Yes, at Simply Elegant you have a choice.  You may purchase a dress from our in-stock inventory or, if you prefer, we can place a special order, giving you options like color, length and custom designed necklines or trains.

11.  What are prices like at Simply Elegant?

One word alone describes our prices... AMAZING!  Other stores of similar size manufacture their own gowns, but Simply Elegant only sells independent well-know designers gowns.  We do not manufacture "look-a-likes".  We suggest you advise your consultant as to your budget, she will help you find your perfect gown from our collection, priced from $550 to $1400.  We also have floor samples at 50% off or more, generally priced at $99, $199 and $299.

12.  How much of a deposit is required?

A 50% deposit is required on all special orders. Your remaining balance is due when your gown comes in.


13.  What if I find the gown of my dreams and am not ready to buy it yet (I'm not ready financially or I want my mom to see it). Will you hold the gown for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot "hold" gowns and we cannot guarantee the gown will not sell off the floor.  We do suggest that you bring your mom or someone who can offer their advice with you so you won't have to leave your perfect dress behind. We also have no control when a manufacturer chooses to discontinue a style or raise the price of a design. It’s always best to be prepared to purchase your dress when you visit.

14.  Do you carry styles for full-figured or plus size women?

We have always enjoyed a stellar reputation with plus size customers.  Simply Elegant offers all our best dresses available to try on in sizes 16 to 28W. They are available for purchase off the rack or with a special order taking 4 to 6 months.  We have over 30 of our best styles in women's sizes to try on!

15.  I'm planning on losing weight.  When should I shop for and buy my wedding gown?

Every experienced bridal seamstress will tell you that it is easy to take a wedding gown down in size - up to 3 sizes.  95% of all future brides will need some alterations, and once you've opened up the side seams, the cost is the same whether you are taking them in 1/2" or 3".  With this in mind we urge you not to postpone your purchase until you've reached your goal weight.  Waiting too long can result in rush charges and expedited shipping to get the same dress. Why cause yourself stress ordering your gown at the last minute?

16.  What about fittings and alterations?

Simply Elegant Bridal has 2 expert bridal seamstresses on the premises and another 2 off premises during the "busy" season who do our work for us.  We recommend allowing 3 to 6 weeks for them to do their work.

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